What's Carypto?

MultiBUS for drivers all around the world Carypto is not a game or NFT in the metaverse.

Carypto aims at a multi-bus blockchain project that connects the metaverse and the reality.

Anyone can have NFTized car through Carypto application, and mine Carypto coin just by driving in the real world connected by GPS - Mined Carypto coin brings significant profits to all drivers.

And the generated BIGDATA constitutes a ‘blockchain-based mobility social safety net.’

CARYPTO is the first and the best
Web3 D2E(Drive to Earn) Application

Carypto ProjectCarypto Project is a D2E (Drive to Earn) Web3-based application that combined Game-Fi and Business Social-Fi. If you own a car produced through NFT, you can earn CARYPTO as it automatically measures the distance and driving habits of a driver or public transportation user. This asset may be used to upgrade or produce new cars.
Player(Driver) Players (Driver) can earn profits by selling or renting NFT cars on the in-app marketplace. CARYPTO earned from profits is automatically stored in an in-app wallet which is equipped with a SWAP function and you can trade through the exchange.


Anyone can easily earn money

With a gamified UI and simple subconscious operation, you can operate drive to earn and provide real profits to drivers.

No barriers to entry

CARYPTO does not demand you to own NFT car to earn profits

(Drive to Earn) You can operate it by renting it for free from other users, and the profit is automatically split.

Unlimited economic activity

CARYPTO provides minting of NFT for various concepts and uses.

There is no limit, and we encourage repetition use and support for you

to obtain rental income.

How to earn profits

CARNOT coins are automatically calculated just by moving and driving according to the type of

NFT vehicle you own.

You can earn profits by trading cars made with NFT or upgraded cars.


We encourage you to have safe driving habits and data accumulation and utilization for all people including drivers, and support WEB3-based decentralized profit activities.



2023. 8 ~ 9

  • Start listing on global exchanges
  • NFT Carypto app release

2022. 10 ~ 12

  • 2st Minting Auction (Brand)
  • Build Multi-Chain Wallets and Marketplaces
  • Implementation of rental service

2022. 10 ~ 12

  • Incineration Plant Construction Completed
  • Public Beta Testing
  • 1st Minting Auction Announcement
  • 1st auction application launching
  • Community Events & Conventions
  • Listed (USA, Singapore, Korea etc)

2022. 06 ~ 09

  • Step 1 Carypto APP completedImplementing In-App Marketplace
  • Recruitment & Implementation of Beta Tester
  • Community Building
  • IEO (Decentralized Exchange, Central Exchange)
  • Community Events & Conventions

2022. 04 ~ 05

  • GPS Distributor Setup
  • Mock-Up Test
  • Motion Sensor Setup
  • Partner buildup
  • Series A Fund Completed

2022. 01 ~ 03

  • Proect Design
  • Team Composition
  • Primary Structural Design

Coin Introduction

We are planning to issue Carypto Coin to develop the Carypto System and operate a global ecosystem of a secure and scalable Carypto Mobility Platform.

Coin Name Carypto Coin (Abbreviation: CART)
Coin Type Utility coin based on BEP20
Carypto Coin is a proof of rights such as revenue distribution and voting rights, and is a utility coin that can be useful in a wide range of platforms provided by Carypto in the future.
Carypto Coin (CART) contract address is as follows.
Do not send coins to the contract address below. It may be permanently lost during transmission.

Official Carypto Coin (CART) BEP-20, Decimals(18)
Contract: 0x596bbC4CAC5E090E3B5A40afD89E7df17312C6BD
※ Disclaimer: Token purchases are subject to the policy of the project team. Cryptocurrency used to pay for purchases is non-refundable. Investors are responsible for market gains or losses.

Coin Composition

Total Amount Issued : 5,000,000,000

Segment Hard Cap Soft Cap Lock Up
Seed Fund 2 % - Lockup for 24 months after listing (sequential unlock)
Pre-Sale 8 % 3 % sequential unlock after listing
IEO &Lunch pad 4 % 2 % Remaining amount incineration / sequential unlock
Team 1 % - Lockup for 24 months after listing (sequential unlock)
Advisors 1 % - Lockup for 25 months after listing (sequential unlock)
Airdrop & Marketing 9 % circulation Lock for an indefinite period other than the application
Reward 50 % circulation 10% units 10% reduction
Ecosystem 25 % circulation Lock for an indefinite period other than the application

Use of Sale Proceeds

Purpose Ratio
Legal Fees(Law, IP)
Development & Operations
Strategic Partnerships
Marketing & User Acquisition

The Carypto Coin sold will be used as a fund for the development and expansion of the Carypto Eco-system, and the development items consist of various devices to collect Carypto data and modeling center to analyze the data. Also it will be used to provide safe operation data, construct compensation system, and develop various block chain-based dApp services.


The marketing division conducts activities such as promoting various online and offline activities, recruiting experience groups, advertising, community operations and management to expedite the stabilization of the Carypto Platform and revitalize the mobility ecosystem.


Strategic sector includes variety of partnerships and collaborations to provide devices and services optimized for a global platform Carypto and is responsible for expanding the ecosystem and securing technologies and manpower through M&A and cooperation with variety of organizations such as wearable device manufacturers, IoT companies, and personalized healthcare.